Start Up Services

Green Tape’s founder has worked with more than 50 startup companies, from proof of concept to commercialization.

Many vendors provide services to the startup market; few serve the nascent science, technology and university startup market nationwide. Our startup services will help you prepare for government funding by providing a complete small business resource and referral program that ensures you get the best services for your investment.


From cocktail napkin to commercialization

  • Top-down executive summary. Early-stage small business science or technology development support for  your company’s initial funding.
  • Small business branding support with strong marketing and communications connections.
  • Business plan support. Early-stage science or technology support, including small business government R&D funding, market evaluation and commercialization market analysis.


Green Tape + you = Winning startup team

  • Registered agent for Subchapter S, C-Corporation or LLC formation and IRS election support
  • Trademark(s) filings with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
  • Intellectual property support and referrals, including provisional and full patent filings(s) and internal trade secret plan development
  • Key agreements with employees/contractors, suppliers and customers


Small business financing report

We can also help you source debt from startup to expansion. Through our partner firm, GovCon Capital, you may qualify for financing. Working alongside many equity and debt sources, we focus on the following in this service area:

  • Startup financing
  • Equipment leasing


Pricing Services

Many startup companies fail or struggle because of lack of capital. GT has extensive experience helping small businesses plan and develop the right price, meet all current and future financial obligations and develop proven processes and procedures that are supported by industry standard tools to meet these needs, including:

  • Non-commercial and commercial pricing
  • Company and government project/job pricing, including indirect rates


Human Resource and partner support

Human resource policies and procedures are important for startups for meeting government requirements and attracting the best best talent. Our support includes:

  • Employee and independent contractor agreements
  • Company policies, procedures and employee handbook
  • Equity plan and agreements
  • Non-compete, non-solicitation and confidentiality agreements