Opportunity Search


Strategy-driven small business government funding

Small Business Technology GrantsOur business development approach is strategy driven. We ensure that your funding opportunities are aligned with your science or technology business development plans or capabilities. We then help you identify, track and qualify promising government opportunities.

Our experience in government grants and contracts will help you efficiently decide whether an opportunity is worth consideration. 


Finding Opportunities

Our extensive experience can help your firm find and win new business in the federal and state funding markets. We have the process and custom data sources to improve your probability of identifying new business in this market.

Whether you are new to government funding or a multiple-award veteran, outsourcing this specialized activity lets you focus on your core science or technology and product plan, while we find your opportunities.


Life Cycle Services

A government business development expert, we offer packaged operational consulting services from market definition through contract or grant award and commercialization.

Green Tape clear strategy and leadership solutions Our funding expertise spans R&D contracts and grants through commercial products and services, including the GSA schedule. For example, we have helped clients find and win awards in many of the more than 80 small business programs, including the prime contractor market.

After your finding your opportunities, our follow-on CAPTURE offerings, Pre-Proposal and Proposal services and products can build backlog or future contract and grant funding for your company revenue and growth. And when you win the award, our EXECUTE services help you negotiate, administer and perform on-the-job or -service/ product.

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