Program Management

Our program management services help your firm become proactive in managing and performing under your contracts and grants. We help ensure that Statement of Work or project aims are completed within your budget and timeframe, while meeting your science and technology deliverables.


Technical schedule management

Green Tape provides program management support, which includes:

  • Monthly, quarterly and annual/final program meetings and reporting, including program-related client communication and Contract Data Requirements List deliverables.
  • Special or other program reviews
  • Subcontractor and vendor program management and compliance support
  • Cost/pricing management and rebudgeting
  • Contract progress estimates through cost, schedule and work completion analysis (including Earned Value Management Systems)

Budget/cost & management

Green Tape helps monitor baseline budgets, with program manager reviews for complete job cost management support which includes scheduling and Statement of Work/cost changes, as needed.

Contracts management support

Managing contracts demands attention to multiple details. In this area, we:

  • Negotiate, administer and close out subcontract and vendor agreements (based on cost structure).
  • Manage subcontracts or commercial pricing agreements — including vendor purchase agreements with the program manager
  • Manage change orders or constructive changes
  • Perform specific subcontract requirements through program funding/pricing modifications

Quality and management support

Green Tape monitors and supports team schedule progress, which includes schedule and resource changes and improvements with Statement of Work tasks.

Integrated product development plan

We work with clients’ management and subcontractor teams to develop and manage an integrated product development plan.


Program management for small business government R&D grants

Green Tape provides direct principal investigator support services, so our clients’ principal investigators and science teams can focus on the proposed aims. This can include the following services:

Principal Investigator aims support

In this area, we provide total grant principal investigator support throughout the process, including:

  • Monthly grant reviews with clients, subcontractors and other vendors
  • Support grant aims, task reviews and administrative grant communication and compliance
  • Help manage client grant budgeting by cost category

Principal Investigator schedule management support

We monitor and support a grant team’s aim progress/cost variances, including schedule and resources changes that are related to corresponding cost or price changes to meet schedule needs.

Subcontract/consortium support

We provide negotiation, administration and close out of subcontract/consortium efforts, including all other vendors. We also support compliance on all sub award or vendor agreements, according to the Code of Federal Regulations/Federal Acquisition Regulations and applicable agency guidelines.

For more information about how we can help you with program management, contact us.