Business development life cycle model


Green Tape’s experience in developing new business in the federal and state government markets comes from our proven business capture and proposal development processes. Additionally, our senior staff has an impressive win record that’s well above the industry standard.

We support the full business/proposal development life cycle, helping you identify and prioritize relevant opportunities, develop win strategies, manage the proposal efforts, prepare for orals and support startup activities.


Our proven capture process

Together with your team, we help you dramatically improve your probability of winning new government business.

Our capture process is strategy driven. We help you develop a win strategy with discriminators and themes early in the capture phase and use those as guides during the proposal phase.

We take a rigorous and repeatable process approach to the capture/proposal development effort. This ensures a compelling, compliant proposal that projects clearly, both with graphics and in words, the win themes and key messages.

We help you develop an action plan that includes information about the opportunity, the program background, a calendar, customer profile and competitive assessment. We also help you develop a campaign communications plan to establish strategy and message timing, an action plan and resources required.


Develop strategies for a winning proposal

Green Tape pre proposal on targetGreen Tape helps you prepare, conduct, and document the program win strategy session and develop and maintain the win strategy plan. Our win strategy approach focuses on strategically important issues for the government client.

Our facilitator will help you develop a highly flexible, cost-effective and implementable win strategy solution. This win strategy identifies set actions taken to create an ideal end state as defined by the RFP evaluation criteria. Each action has a benefit related to the customer’s central technical, cost, schedule, and policy issues.

We have found that winners define their strategy early enough to be effective in both the capture and proposal development phases. Thus, a successful win strategy drives all business development phases.

Our approach includes:
• Assemble database of program facts and opinions
• Define acquisition objectives, budget, and schedule
• Identify key government decision makers and their views
• Document program history and relevant issues

Our price-to-win process has several goals, including determine the winning combination of price and performance; flow down the price, less margin, to design-to-cost allocations and develop sufficient cost credibility to support a strategically acceptable should-cost adjustment.


What makes us unique

Our successful track record, exceptional experience, low risk and affordable rates makes Green Tape stand out from the crowd. Additionally, our proven processes in the following stages of government grants and contracts are second to none:

  • Develop a campaign action plan
  • Conduct competition assessments
  • Identify and qualify team/subcontractors
  • Conduct win strategy sessions
  • Conduct price-to-win strategy sessions
  • Arrange teams
  • Develop technology and management baselines
  • Initiate BOE development

Our compensation model includes sharing the risk with you and our low overhead allows us to be very competitive in the market place. We also have a proven track record of finding and developing new business for your company with the government.