Requirements of successful small business technology grants and contracts for R&D funding, such as the SBIR/STTR programs, include:

  • Significant science or technology innovation
  • Research talent
  • Commercial promise

Green Tape helps qualify and validate small business opportunities through our Pre-Proposal services. This business development support is pre- or post-solicitation, depending on the funding type and client need.

We define client funding types, or stages, as follows:

  • R&D  (SBIR-STTR, for example)
  • Growth  (often post-R&D, development or insertion programs)

Upon selection of a qualified solicitation through Pre-Proposal services, and before  proposal services support, we provide a Tech to Win® analysis process for the early development of a CAPTURE strategy development.

Once a bid decision takes place, Green Tape provides comprehensive Proposal services for both R&D  and growth-stage proposals . Along with custom solutions, proposal service efforts include the following:

  • Professional proposal team, with award experience from $25,000 to more than $100 million, when time is of the essence
  • Proposal management assistance and external reviewer development support
  • Development of a Proposal research team, including principal investigators / program managers, key subcontractors/ collaborators and other resources
  • Proposal product or support solutions
  • Experienced proposal preparation and submission

In summary, successful IDENTIFY and CAPTURE efforts for federal and state R&D funding are based on innovative science or technology, with marketable products and services. Growth stage, or non-R&D funding, must be government-customer focused and price competitive.

If you want a clear strategy for identifying and capturing funding, check out Green Tape’s entire suite of life cycle services.