GovCon Startup™ Contracts & Grants

puzzlePre-award Contracts & Grants Services

Under this offering, you get an experienced contracts and grants team that understands your growing business. In fact, Green Tape can act as your director of Contracts and Grants, as well as perform the supporting duties of the contracts/grants manager or specialist.

We support questions from Opportunity Search through award/negotiation contracts, as well as  business development through grants.

Data rights

Before and after award, we help you protect your data rights under best practices for government contractors. There are a number of items to consider, which may allow you to develop and retain intellectual property, while remaining compliant. We are the go-to specialists for small business or non-profit government contracts and grants!


  • Prepare for support agency and/or prime contractor contract or grant negotiations, including entire agreement review, edit and award summary.
  • Provide basis of estimate on all direct and indirect costs, i.e., labor, indirect, and escalation factor(s); provisional indirect rate audit and proof support; the Certificate of Current Cost or Pricing data – related to the Truth in Negotiations Act.
  • Support principal investigator/program management with final Statement of Work, in connection with the technical and management proposal leads.


  • Ensure government communication (from customer invoicing to formal reporting) is compliant and correct.
  • Plan and prepare subcontracts or sub awards with tailored terms and required flow-down clauses for advantageous client agreements.
  • Support annual provisional rate proposal for ongoing indirect pricing model.


  • Complete final property and invention disclosures for client and subcontractors, including patent disclosure reporting.
  • Prepare or collect final invoice and submit incurred cost proposal or FSR, if grant, for client as prime contractor or grantee, as well as subcontractors.
  • Ensure cost audits are completed for final closeout by job.

Ongoing compliance

Combine the contracts and grants services with Green Tape’s  these services with Green Tape’s government approved accounting system and Business Management & Financial Advisory Services to save tons of time and costs. Green Tape also can then provide complete company financials, contracts and grants management and decision support to optimize pricing and performance.