Principal Investigator (PI) & Program Manager (PM) Services

We support your Principal Investigator/Program Manager needs in R&D job administration and reporting, financial analysis and prime and subcontractor vendor support. We do this on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual schedule, as defined in your contract or grant. This helps your small business achieve and maintain “best value” status in your given research market, thus increasing your chances for further awards.


Green Tape plan


We plan with your team to meet your reporting needs as effectively and efficiently as possible. We work with your team to schedule and help you manage your key resources.

Green Tape Review Process


We review all program management deliverables, providing relevant feedback and using our experience to help you the attain highest performance evaluations.

Green Tape Communication Process


We help your small business communicate with the program team for effïcient program (contract or grant) success.


We continually support your leadership and program with decades of experience in the government R&D funding environment.