Information Technology Clients

Information Technology ClientsOne of Green Tape’s first customers is an IT company providing forensic professionals and students collaborative training solutions. In addition they are creating an innovative online resource to connect the forensic community. Green Tape helped with getting their new grant completed, including purchase and installation of the Green Tape “Government Approved” accounting system, we helped develop company pricing, and currently provide quarterly financial statements, regular cash flow, payroll, timecard and budget support services, as needed. Forensic Training Network


Prior to Green Tape, the founder was Director of Government Contracts and company Controller (acting as CFO) for a 50 person company. The engagement began with a brief government accounting system review and to confirm they needed the Government Approved accounting system. This led to a significant engagement over a short period of time covering senior Government and management interface with the client and a branch of the Department of Health and Human Service (DHHS). In addition, Paul managed complete development and installation of the accounting system and contract management, including support of company profitability and company pricing.Destination RX