Ebola antibody developer counts on virtual business services

Green Tape LLC is the virtual business partner for Mapp Biopharmaceutical, Inc. By handling the back office services, Green Tape helps Mapp stay focused on the science required for improving and scaling its widely publicized Ebola antibody cocktail.

Paul B. Donovan, president and CEO of Green Tape LLC, recognized that small R&D businesses had a problem. Many scientists have great ideas, patents or inventions. But they lack the skills and resources required to win and manage federal R&D contracts and grants. Donovan launched the company to support the needs of these scientists and engineers.

It’s time consuming – and sometimes mind numbing – to learn how to submit and win federal government awards. After all, there’s a reason why it’s called government ‘red tape.’

Green Tape has mastered the process. Mapp Biopharmaceutical, Inc., developer of the Ebola ZMapp™ monoclonal antibody, has won many federal grants and contracts. Helping Mapp win awards is one of the things that Green Tape does best for the small technology R&D firm.

In fact, Green Tape’s win rate for clients is almost 50 percent. That’s well above the industry average.

Savvy small business R&D technology companies don’t want to deal with hefty fines the government levies if award winners don’t follow the rules. They also recognize that if there’s that black mark against their name, winning more federal awards will be tough.

What’s more, they want to stay focused on their science or innovations. So, they contract with Green Tape to handle the back office support on their awards. Green Tape makes sure clients like Mapp stay on track with the government – from contract or grant negotiation through managing the award and closing it out.

Small business R&D companies are turning to the virtual services model. They realize this nimble and flexible system saves them on hiring the function in house – and the overhead that goes along with it. They also get some of the best minds in the industry to work with them, whether Green Tape is in their own back yard or across the country.
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About Green Tape LLC

Green Tape LLC helps organizations win small business government R&D funding through its proposal services. The company then helps clients manage their awards through its contracts and grants, program management, business management & financial advisory and accounting services. It specializes in helping organizations win Broad Agency Announcements, so science and technology clients can remain focused on their innovations.