R&D Tax Credits For Colorado Companies

As your Colorado company completes your 2015 books, and finalizes your 2016 budget and goals, it may be fruitful to explore the potential of an R&D Tax Credit. In Colorado, for example, there is a $750,000 fund offered to investors as a tax credit. It is available on a first come, first served basis so […]

R&D Tax Credits

As your company completes your 2015 books, and finalizes your 2016 budget and goals it may be fruitful to explore the potential of an R&D Tax Credit. The R&D Tax Credit, first enacted in 1981, is a government-sponsored benefit that provides cash incentives for companies conducting R&D in the U.S. Each year, the R&D credit […]

Pioneer Energy unveils mobile gas processing solution

Congratulations to Green Tape client Pioneer Energy, which opened a new manufacturing plant Tuesday, October 7 in Lakewood, Colorado to produce its Mobile Alkane Gas Separator for the oil and gas industry. The MAGS, as it’s called, is a mobile natural gas processing system for use at oil wells. It dramatically reduces or completely eliminates […]

Ebola antibody developer counts on virtual business services

Green Tape LLC is the virtual business partner for Mapp Biopharmaceutical, Inc. By handling the back office services, Green Tape helps Mapp stay focused on the science required for improving and scaling its widely publicized Ebola antibody cocktail.   Paul B. Donovan, president and CEO of Green Tape LLC, recognized that small R&D businesses had a problem. […]

Green Tape provides back office services to Ebola ZMapp cocktail developer, Mapp

Sometimes, Providence steps in and changes the course of a life.      Here’s hoping the path we’re on ultimately changes millions of lives. While Green Tape provides the back office services for small R&D businesses whose existence is based on federal contracts and grants, we’re thrilled to be part of an incredible story about making […]

Information Technology Clients

One of Green Tape’s first customers is an IT company providing forensic professionals and students collaborative training solutions. In addition they are creating an innovative online resource to connect the forensic community. Green Tape helped with getting their new grant completed, including purchase and installation of the Green Tape “Government Approved” accounting system, we helped develop […]

Industrial Products Clients

The Green Tape founder served Aether Wire & Location, Inc. prior to their intellectual property sale by a NASDAQ company. The company developed an UltraWide-Band (UWB) radio technology which provided fine time resolution and excellent material penetration. A complete Aether Wire presentation was made to Google and is available on youtube.com. It outlined the company’s […]

Life Sciences Clients

Since 2005, the founder through prior entities and now Green Tape has provided Strategic Advisory, Business Development, Proposal, Business Management and Finance, Contracts/Grants and full-service Accounting products and services to a successful early-stage pharmaceutical company. In addition, we provide all contracts/grants, financial and accounting support to the company for this growing R&D entity. This usually […]

Clean Technology Clients

Our client is an agriculture-energy company and marketer of premium renewable fuel products. Their products and services are differentiated by proprietary oilseed crops, additives, quality assurance, blending and distribution infrastructure. They provide one of the highest quality biofuels available today. The firm is committed to improving the environment, and contributing to national security by reducing […]

Aerospace Clients

Since 1997, members of the Green Tape team have served two of Colorado’s most prolific NASA small business contractors. Our prior and current clients have demonstrated both quality engineering and innovations in space systems. Their areas of research include: avionics and instrumentation, spacecraft design, custom electronics design/fabrication, rocket propulsion, systems for manufacturing rocket fuel and […]