Our Difference

We help innovators grow through small business R&D government-funded awards. From startup to commercialization, we help clients through every step of the business life cycle through a variety of custom services and products within the business process outsourcing market. Here’s how:

High proposal win rates

Through a deep understanding of our clients and the government procurement process, Green Tape’s proposal win rate for clients far exceeds the industry average.

Integrated services and products

Meeting the conditions of a small business government award demands real scientific or engineering innovation. Green Tape helps support innovators with unique compliance, contract, grant, financial and administrative requirements and compliance with government regulations.

Clients have found substantial added value when they combine more than one of Green Tape’s services.

Network of key contacts

Key to winning government contracts is a company’s external resources. Green Tape is connected to many government and industry contacts, resources, vendors and synergistic clients. That means we intimately understand requirements and desires of contracting agencies. As such, we enjoy a much higher award win rate for our clients than the industry average.


Strategic advisory needs analysis process

Green Tape provides strategic advisory services based on similar small business industry experiences. We have a proven track record in strategic planning and company growth in the small business government R&D funding space.

Our customized services fit your individual business, which include providing missing or needed skill sets and people. This helps you maintain a competitive edge in the government contracting business.

Because most innovators want to stay focused on WHY they want government funding in the first place — their innovations — our suite of services handles all non-technical areas of funding support, including:

Market research Using a proprietary process, we help clients decide if their science, technology or product opportunity is a good candidate for small business government R&D funding.

Opportunity search Our strategy-driven, business development approach ensures that funding opportunities are aligned with your business plans and capabilities.

Pre-proposal services Along with your team, we help you develop strategies for a winning proposal — and dramatically improve your chances of winning new government business.

Proposal services Experienced proposal support, a powerful network of collaborators and strategic partners and our strong editorial review team help sell your ideas to government agencies.

Contracts and grants Using best practices for government contractors, Green Tape acts as your director of contracts and handles all support-related requirements for the contracts/grants manager or specialist.

Program management services Our management-by-metrics approach uses a proven system of measurements and analysis techniques that give you the high-quality information you need to make timely management decisions — and address issues long before they become problems.

Business management & financial advisory services C-level management support services give you top consulting quality in the SBIR/STTR programs market, including company pricing and cost structure guidance, along with audit support management.

Accounting services Because government contractors must conform with government contracts and grants regulations, we ensure your accounting system complies with government and commercial audits.

Commercialization — From idea to exit event, we focus on returning every dollar of small business government R&D award to our client and the U.S. by creating technical products.


Similarly, our product lines helps you manage, account for and stay in compliance with government reporting requirements.

GovCon Startup™  Accounting This accounting package meets cost-type accounting requirements for most small businesses’ government R&D funding needs.

GovCon Startup™, Contracts & Grants This module supports input data for the Accounting package and the Business Management & Financial Advisory module.

GovCon Startup™, Business Management & Financial Advisory This module manages budgeting and backlog, two critical elements in cost-type money.