Our Core Values



  • Long-term relationships
    Green Tape fosters and maintains healthy, loyal and mutually beneficial relationships with clients, staff, contractors and our government customers. Sustaining these bonds is the cornerstone to our clients’ success.
  • Collaborative work environment
    Green Tape fosters an efficient and collaborative work environment.
  • Substantial client benefit
    Green Tape provides qualified clients with substantial benefit to qualified clients for significant reward.


  • Provide a national base of team members with diversified skillsets
    Our highly skilled team provides a range of guidance from ‘cocktail napkin’ business inception through company exit for complete life cycle services at many stages of clients’ businesses.
  • Knowledge and experience acquisition
    Because our technical and highly intelligent clients count on us to manage various aspects of their government funding, we must stay informed of emerging knowledge, methods, markets, trends and needs. Our team members are continually trained to ensure our clients benefit from the best we have to offer them.


  • Develop and use information
    Using information and related technologies for external products and internal efficiency is a key driver to our clients’ long-term success.